It’s Walter Röhrl against Mark Webber in latest Porsche 911 GT2 RS ad

Or the fast approach versus the fun method

Can Mark Webber teach THE Walter Röhrl how to take a corner? Well, in Porsche world, negotiating a turn has many implications.

Dubbed the absolute 911, Porsche's GT2 RS packs 700 hp and 750 Nm of twist. It's designed to soothe a customer's need for driving both on and off the track, but mostly on.

Knowing Porsche and how seriously they treat the performance topic, it's safe to assume the 911 GT2 RS will behave like a laser-guided scalpel on any given circuit.

Of course, that's the efficient and fast way to drive it. But as we've often discovered, fun comes in the shape of powersliding, at the expense of speed and quick lap times.

What's your favorite approach?