Jaguar Trademarks XJ13 Name: Is It Being Remade?

Anything that announces the possible arrival of a new special Jag model has us interested

The XJ13 is a late 1960s Le Mans racing prototype that never actually raced and actually ended up being totaled during a 1971 video shoot alongside the then-new V12 E-Type. How is this relevant now, we hear you say? Well, Jaguar has just filed for a trademark on the name and this could mean several things.

The automaker could build more of them in period-correct spec, like it did with the ‘six missing lightweight E-Types,’ or it may, in fact, be a retro-inspired new model.

Whichever the case, it makes for an enticing story and since Jaguar has recently released both cars like the Project 7 and the lightweight E-Types, speculation on the matter is currently valid either way.

According to Autocar, though, which quotes a Jaguar-Land Rover spokesperson, the automaker’s heritage division will most certainly not be remaking the car. Could this mean the nameplate is reserved for something more along the lines of the Project 7, but perhaps more extreme and bespoke? We really can't tell just yet.