Jay Leno drives the 3D-printed Divergent Blade supercar, will make you want one

What, you thought 3D printers can only make geeky stuff?

Take a look at Divergent Technologies' website and the "Green Automotive Manufacturing" title will tell the whole story. These guys are aware that building cars nowadays is not an eco-friendly process and want to change things up. Hence their focus on 3D printed.

Sure, just saying that you want to do this or that won't help one's business cause, so Divergent built the mid-engined 720 hp Blade supercar.

It's also a two-seater, but the occupants sit one behind the other and the Mitsubishi EVO X-sourced 2.4-liter petrol engine only has to push 1,388 lb (630 kg) which means the Blade is outrageously fast.

How it drives, however, and more details about the build process that goes into the Divergent Blade are for you to discover in the videos below.