Jay Leno Drives the Callaway Corvette AeroWagon, Says It Feels Like Quality

The Garage welcomes a very special C7 Corvette

Jay Leno gets up close and personal with the Chevrolet Corvette shooting brake, aka the Callaway Corvette AeroWagon.

OK, so Callaway has a thing for Chevys. Well, who doesn't?

However, when their thing doesn't involve cramming as much horsepower as they can get inside random, it borders into fantasy and spawns the Corvette AeroWagon.

Which of course, had to be on Jay Leno's "To drive in the near future" list.

But while shooting brakes might be popular in Europe, the US of A hasn't jumped that bandwagon (pun intended) just yet. Hence the Corvette AeroWagon's controversial etiquette.

Thanks to Peter Callaway and Reeves Callaway, who dropped by Jay Leno's garage, we can all gain more info on the AeroWagon's purpose.

Now, Callaway can also tweak the wagonized Corvette through supercharging, so it cranks out 757 hp and 777 lb-ft. Are you reading this, Audi RS6 Avant?