Jump inside the new VW Touareg for a trip to the mountains

2018 vw touareg

Cockpit-wise, the new Touareg SUV looks as modern as they come

The new Volkswagen Touareg was quick to claim the status as the brand’s most tech-savvy model to date. Here’s what’s it like to sit in the driver’s seat inside the new Touareg.

Some of the mechanical gimmicks VW fitted the Touareg with include rear-wheel steering, air suspension and various driving mode, including some that sweeten up those off-road escapades.

However, the Touareg’s tech infusion is best witnessed from inside the cabin. Here, it’s pretty hard not to notice the new Innovision Cockpit infotainment setup combining two tablet-like displays: a 12-inch one that acts as a digital instrument cluster and a larger 15-inch screen mounted in the upper part of the center console and tasked with aiding users to interact with the car’s various systems.

That being said, there are almost no physical buttons left on the dashboard and you can also opt for a head-up display.

But we get it, just reading about stuff doesn’t necessarily allow one to paint a complete picture. That’s why the video below will put you in the driver’s seat as it takes the new Touareg for a quick spin.

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