KBB announces its 12 best family cars of 2018


Most are SUVs, some are minivans

Family duty is something many vehicles do pretty well, but some do it much better than others. It’s these vehicles that KBB has picked as its most competent family haulers of this year.

Naturally, a fair selection of the 12 models chosen are cavernous, practical minivans, but most of them are SUVs now. They seem to be a match for minivans in terms of practicality, but add that rugged feel that raised ground clearance vehicles have.

Still, for sheer space and modularity you really can’t beat a purpose-built people mover and despite the fact that high-riders are cannibalizing on the humble MPV, these vehicles are better than they’ve ever been.

Which of these would you choose to move your family around?

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