Keyless entry cars make for easy entry in case of theft

Tin foil wrapping — not an efficient anti-theft method, ADAC says

Thanks to technology, modern cars are more and more safe — but less and less secure, a study confirms. 

From a total of 237 cars tested by ADAC, 230 failed to deflect a “relay” attack — the usual method in car theft nowadays. 

Only three models, Land Rover Discovery, Land Rover Range Rover, and Jaguar i-Pace were unbeatable; that’s thanks to the Ultra Wide Band (UWB) technology which can accurately calculate the distance between the car and the key fob, so it can’t be tricked with a signal relay. 

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This test is far from complete — given the fact that most of the modern vehicles come with keyless entry — but surely is eye-opening: the car security is weak. However, measures are being taken. For example, BMW and Audi installed, on recent models, a motion sensor that makes the keyfob emit a signal only while on the move.

Until then, if you have a keyless entry car, contact customer services for your brand and see how can you prevent your car from being stolen: for example, some of the car manufacturers can deactivate the keyless function if you ask them.

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