Let Chevy’s Neat Redline Series Dress Your Car to Impress

SEMA-inspired goodies are here

Chevy is bringing SEMA concepts flavor to showrooms with the new Redline special edition series to be unveiled at the Chicago Auto Show.

The Redline design portfolio was unveiled at the 2015 SEMA Show, and two years later, it finds a way inside Chevrolet's US range.

Nine cars are getting the black wheels, black nameplate with red outlines and black logos treatment, including the Camaro LT/SS in both coupé and convertible iteration but also the Colorado & Silverado industrious duo.

Other eligible models are the Cruze LT (sedan and hatch), Malibu LT, Trax LT, Equinox LT and Traverse Premier.

Furthermore, customers can specify several bits and bobs on their cars. For example, the two pickups can be had with red tow hooks, while the Camaro gets black hash marks above the wheels.

At the moment, you can only order the Redline Silverado at Chevy Dealers, but the golden Bow Tie carmaker says the other models will gradually become available throughout 2017.