Let Porsche's Most Wicked Sounding Cars Chase Away the Monday Blues

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Porsche's Top 5 series gets a new episode which honors the best-sounding creations Stuttgart has ever built.

Last time, Porsche granted us access to some of its rare factory cars secretly stored in a mysterious warehouse. 

Round two of the Top 5 saga, however, is all about acoustics, as Porsche uses the Weissach sound chamber as a concert hall.

Porsche's 911 Carrera RS 2.7 opens the ball by taking the fifth spot. Its 210-hp six-cylinder boxer engine was not only a powerhouse but also an accomplished singer.

Up next is the 550 Spyder and its all-aluminum engine, while the third spot belongs to the 911 GT3 RS. Courtesy of a 4.0-liter six-cylinder boxer packed with 500 hp, the GT3 RS is not just fast, but also very vocal.

The first two positions are claimed by a pair of technological shows of force, each one coming from a different era, yet not in need of any introduction: the 918 Spyder and the Carrera GT.

But it's up to you to discover them, in the video below. Don't forget the headphones, though.

PS: If the video wasn't zen enough to brighten your day, here's our review of the new 2016 Porsche Panamera.

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