Like in the Movies: Flipflop Wearing Thief Walks into Garage and Steals Holden Commodore

It’s like he’d practiced it a thousand times before

We’ve seen movie car theft scenes that are less enthralling than this real life video of a man swiping a Holden Commodore. Not condoning grand theft auto here, but this guy really has balls, strolling into the garage in shorts and flip flops, picking out a car and driving it out.

This happened in Brisbane, Australia, and the man encountered little to no resistance as he drove the red sedan out of the building. It’s debatable whether or not the employees could have done more than they did to stop him, because a) they were caught off guard, b) the cars they could have used to block him didn’t belong to them and c) there was really no point in them risking injury trying to stop the car burglar.

The police have no leads as to the man’s identity, but if you live in the area and have any information, you can contact them. The car is a red Commodore with QLD registration 094VUH.