Lincoln Navigator gains extra length with Extended version

If you’re a bus driver, this is a step down; otherwise, it’s an upgrade on every level

Ford’s posh brand Lincoln has announced an extended version of its range-topping Navigator SUV, suggestively called Navigator Extended.

The car that “offers more space than any other large SUV” has just taken it to the next level by adding another foot (300 mm) to the car’s length.

Regarding cargo capacity, the Navigator Extended is said to be a class-leader, but Lincoln is still keeping the factual numbers undisclosed. There are mentions, however, about an “extra 15 cubic feet (425 liters) of storage behind the third row,” enough to accommodate luggage even when all the passenger seats are occupied.

Of the extra foot, about ten inches (240 mm) are included in the wheelbase, so that rear seat passengers can enjoy even more legroom. As for the pricing, the base Extended model retails for $80,750, about $8,000 more than the entry-level short wheelbase model. Naturally, there’s more standard equipment offered for the Extended, including the huge 22-inch wheels.