Looks like you’ll be really safe in a crash aboard the Koenigsegg Regera


You’d be heartbroken to crash a $1.9-million car, but you’d be in one piece

Supercars and hypercars need to be stiffer, stronger and as light as possible in order to cope with the high forces that occur during high speed driving and cornering.

The faster and more powerful the car, the stronger it needs to be and they don’t come much more powerful than Koenigsegg’s Regera, a spectacular hybrid hypercar with 1,500 hp and a one-gear transmission.

It was recently crash tested and its carbon fiber construction withstood the shocks with flying colors. In fact, since it also has airbags (unlike many small series super- and hypercars) you’d really have a high chance of walking away from a major crash in this.

This crash test was internally conducted by Koenigsegg, but it looks like the real deal. It’s really rather impressive to behold, and a slap in the face of those who say the safest place to be in a crash is in a heavy and top-heavy SUV.


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