Lost in translation? We visually compare 2012 Lamborghini Urus Concept to 2018 production model

The transition from design study to production hasn't been quite seamless, as you're about to see

Ever since Lamborghini showed the Urus Concept to the world in 2012, fans of the LM002 started counting down the days till the launch of a production model.

Well, they don't need to do that anymore, because Lamborghini has finally released the production version of the Urus "super SUV." It's a significant event in the auto industry when a super sports car manufacturer releases an SUV — especially since Lamborghini only had one such vehicle in its entire history.

But having seen the photos of the production model I have to say I liked the concept car better. You don't have to agree with me, which is why I'm going to compare photos of the two SUVs shot from similar angles so you can form your own opinion. Here we go.

Front view: Urus Concept 1 - Urus production car 0

Seen from the front, the winner for me is the concept, without any doubt. The shape of the headlights is more Lamborghini-like, as are the front bumper and the enormous air intakes it integrates. The production version has them as well, but they look cleaner on the study if you ask me. The front bumper gives me the impression designers tried too hard and gave it too many features. The first point goes to the 2012 version.

Side view: Urus Concept 2 - Urus production car 0

The profile is the area where the concept outclasses the production model by the largest margin — and that's without taking the door handles and side mirrors into account. Designers somehow managed to make the Urus study look dynamic and edgy, despite its size. Just check out the sharp window cutout, the clean lines, and the vents located behind the front wheels.

Looking at the production model, I get the feeling many cool design features got lost in translation. It appears tame in comparison, not to mention there are way too many intersecting creases that make the profile look too busy. The seemingly longer wheelbase doesn't help 2018 Urus' case either.

Rear view: Urus Concept 3 - Urus production car 0

The design study scores another point here thanks to the less massive rear end, with the bumper forming a more aggressive angle with the ground. That gives the impression it would fare better off-road than the production model thanks to the greater departure angle. In addition, the ride height seems bigger as well.

The 2018 Urus features a massive rear diffuser that clearly makes it look bulkier and less sporty than the study. Not to mention the concept appears more aggressive thanks to the higher-placed, pentagon-shaped tailpipes.

Interior: Urus Concept 3 - Urus production car 1

Yes, the 2018 Urus manages to win the interior design category. The dashboard has a more sophisticated and contemporary appearance compared to the study, with the two touchscreen displays, gearshift lever and driving mode selector contributing to that. The interior of the production car also looks more tasteful, but maybe that's because the concept car featured a rather peculiar choice of materials — after all, design studies are meant to shock the viewer.

In the end, the Urus Concept wins this, but we're very curious about your take on this matter.

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