Lucid Air Electric Sedan Goes Snow Drifiting

1,000 instant horsepower and all-wheel drive make for massive rooster tails in the snow

It’s reassuring to note that an all-new manufacturer making its first ever vehicle is testing in extreme conditions, like the establishment does, albeit in chilly Minnesota, not freezing Finland. Lucid Motors showed us their Air model a few months back, when they detailed part of its technical specs and now we get to see the 1,000 hp sedan go sideways in the snow.

It is worth noting that the outside temperature when the video was shot hovered around the -27 degree C mark (that -17 F), a test for any new EV’s powertrain, chassis and especially its battery pack.

The video posted below is not really relevant to gauge what the vehicle will be like, but it is fun to see it try to put all of is instant horsepower down on loose, fresh snow.

The Lucid Air is expected to hit the US market before 2020, with a claimed range of 645 km (400 miles) and a price of over $150,000.