Lumma Design turns up the yellow on Audi SQ5


Features full body kit and new (big) rims

Audi SQ5 is a performance SUV that doesn’t really shout about its performance – but you can change that aspect about it if you have it modified by Lumma Design – the kit is called CLR 5S and is described as “striking, sporty, individual.”


They can make your SQ5 look like this via the use of an aggressive looking body kit comprised of a front spoiler extension and rear diffuser combo, wider wheel arches, new side skits and redesigned door trim. New are the exhaust tips which are squared off and feature the company logo.


Regarding the rims, the tuner doesn’t mention any specific ones, simply stating you can opt for “matching exclusive wheel sets in various designs.” And since Lumma doesn’t sell any rims smaller than 22-inch, we can assume they’re at least that large.


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