#MBvideocar video series is the most beautiful thing on the internet right now

mbvideocar g-class 4x4

They’re like car ads, sans the potentially annoying bits

We like car commercials (with some exceptions, naturally) for their ingenuity in convincing us that a specific car is right the thing we didn’t know we wanted.

But those videos with no voiceover, depicting cars in various (amazingly beautiful) locations? Those we love.

And that’s what the #MBvideocar playlist on Mercedes’ YouTube channel is all about. As its description says, “all episodes are created by our #MBsocialcar videographers and take place around the globe.” It's the perfect win-win scenario: through these visual gold nuggets, videographers have the opportunity of showing their creativity while Mercedes is provided top-quality material featuring its cars.

Is there a better job nowadays than being a Mercedes-Benz videographer?