McLaren 570S Finds New Visual Meaning Courtesy of the Brand’s Designers

Another taste of exclusive treatment

Take McLaren's own designers, bring them together in a room and let the brainstorming begin on what special editions would customers like to own.

The result: five special editions to embroider the McLaren 570S, each with the ultimate purpose of removing the right amount of money out of the aficionado's bank account.

Enter the Design Edition wearing "By McLaren" badges, selected colors and fancy-schmancy interior combos mixing posh materials with Alcantara and Nappa leather. McLaren tells us its designers were given the full green light. Therefore, each model wears exterior paint, wheel design and caliper color handpicked by the designer in charge.

For example, what you see pictured above is a Vermillion Red-bodied McLaren 570S with Carbon Black Alcantara cockpit and Apex Red Nappa leather seats.

The Brits also mention the price for the Design Edition bundle: $10,320, besides the base sticker. They also say the stack of cash is thinner than it would have been if the same features were taken separately.

On that note, order books are now open, with deliveries scheduled to kick-off next year.