McLaren 720S tries Dodge Demon on for size


This is the difference between a very fast car and a blisteringly fast one

McLaren 720S is one of the most exciting but well judged supercars of the moment, packing a not absurd 710 hp under its sexy body. It epitomizes the idea of keeping weight down in order to have strong acceleration and handling – and it’s got bucketloads of both.

Dodge Demon on the other hand, is a totally different animal. It’s a fairly heavy, aerodynamically blunt instrument wielded by even bigger muscles than the McLaren. The Demon puts out 840 hp on racing fuel and 808 hp on standard road fuel.

Now given the 100 hp advantage that the Challenger Demon has over the 720S, you’d think it’d be a fair fight between these two in a side-by-side acceleration run. But you’d be wrong, because the McLaren weighs some 1,400 kg with fluids and driver, while the Dodge weighs 1,930 kg.

You can kind of see where this is going, I’m sure, and you will see just how big a difference this all makes in the McLaren’s favor (plus aero which comes more into effect the faster they go) as it just sails past the Dodge. Check out the two battling it out in two runs in the video below.

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