Meet the 4000 hp Beast Mode Camaro

Beast Mode Camaro drag race

The owner says he even uses it for drag racing on public roads

What could you possibly do with a 4000 hp vehicle? Well, you could take it our racing on public roads, off course.

We have some doubts that this monster of a car is road legal, but the owner says it is. However, in the video attached we only have footage from drag races done on tracks, where this Beast Mode Camaro crushes the competition.

So maybe, just maybe, the owner's claim is just a bit of bluster. I mean, the heavily modified Camaro doesn't even have headlights. Or, how one savvy Youtube commentator put it – "just because his cousin Zedd down at the inspection station gave him the go-ahead doesn't make (it) street legal".

Doubt meme drag race

Anyway, doubt aside, just enjoy the 10-minute video where you can see the beast really shine in its natural environment. Have fun, and also don't forget to check out our other drag racing stories, 'cause we have plenty.