Mercedes-AMG GT R vs Honda NSX: a clash with no definitive winner

What’s your favorite?

The gorgeous AMG GT R and the fancy NSX are two very different dishes. But they’re both on the same supercar table so a comparison is not unusual. 

That’s what Mat Watson from carwow did in this clip, pitting the German two-seater against the hybrid Japanese tool in a good ‘ol drag race. 

Now, as a short reminder of how the NSX’s hybrid powertrain, all-wheel-drive system work: it was James May’s choice in a Grand Tour drag race featuring a Lamborghini Aventador, the Acura (Honda) NSX, and a (later fiery) Rimac Concept One.

The GT R, however, is no easy opponent; despite its looks of a tail-happy vehicle running a V8 in the front and two very happy passengers riding in the back, it’s impressively precise. 

We’re going to let you with this reminder of just how good the NSX is at launches, and how green the GT R can be. Literally.

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via carwow YT

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