Mercedes CLS Replacement Spotted on the Move Wearing Camo

Its name might change to CLE and it may leave room for an S-Class-sized larger CLS

Mercedes may replace the CLS nameplate with CLE along with the all-new model seen undergoing testing in these videos. The name change is believed to be intended to more accurately suggest the model’s E-Class size, as well as leave room in the range for a bigger S-Class-sized coupe-like model.

Since the prototypes from the walkoART videos are quite heavily camouflaged, it’s hard to tell how Mercedes’ design language will evolve. We do know that it will, though, in a manner that is believed to be previewed by the upcoming all-new A-Class, the first to showcase the new direction.

Covered prototypes of both the new A-Class and the CLS can be seen in the second video.

The engine range will be shared with the E-Class, although the really low-powered options will be left out, and the new CLS will get its own AMG-tuned variant using the 4-liter twin-turbo V8.