Mercedes’ most luxurious vehicle is not a saloon

mercedes 540k

… or even the much acclaimed 540K pictured here

When it comes to a topic such as a car’s value, there’s always room for debate. It’s not as easy as figuring out what’s the fastest, for example. So this top 5 luxury Mercedes-Benz models in the brand’s history is a tough one to make.

Firstly because we’re talking about Mercedes-Benz here, a brand that contributed to the idea of automotive luxury throughout ages. Secondly, this top does not involve just new cars (which you can easily compare, here) but classics as well. Naturally, the runners' list can be as long as the new A-Class’ infotainment screen but Mercedes somehow managed to pull it off.

The first surprise — and we promise we’re not going to spoil the rest of the clip for you — is this top’s last position: the 540k. Two of the five most expensive Mercedes models ever sold at an auction are 540s. So who’s on top, then? Well, that might be this clip’s second big surprise.