Modern Bugatti Type 57 Atlantic envisioned with Chiron sweetness will spur your week

Current status: lost for words

Taking a lot after the Aérolithe prototype designed by Jean Bugatti in 1935, the Type 57 Atlantic aluminum body only dressed four cars. The first two received the Aéro Coupé description as a token of their air-cutting prowess and sensual proportions.

What's with the history lesson, you might ask?


Well, the point is, both cars are jaw-droppers and when we stumbled on Arthur B. Nustas' work on Behance with the Bugati Type 57 T name tag attached, our chins couldn't help but bounce off the desk.

There's not much we can add, really, next to the batch of photos waiting for your viewing in the photo gallery.


One reason is that our chins still hurt while the second comes from the belief that some concepts are best savoured while watched rather than discussed.

However, should you feel like dropping a line or two with your opinion on the renderings, please do so.

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