Modified SUV Rises Above Traffic and Parking Problems

Using hydraulic jacks to raise cars to use less space seems like a good idea here…

You may think this is some sort of joke, or pure CGI, but it is neither – what you are looking at here is an actual Jeep (body) that raises and lowers on hydraulic jacks in order to beat congestion and parking issues. Called Hum Rider, it uses a gutted Grand Cherokee body riding on stilts in order to promote Verizon’s new Hum service.

Hum does the exact same thing the Hum Rider does physically, but instead of hydraulics, it uses a mobile app and an OBD dongle to connect to your car and “make it smarter.” It’s a forced metaphor by Verizon which suggests the Hum solution is similar in some way to the rising SUV – even though it isn’t.

It basically offers access to vehicle diagnostics through your phone, and it automatically connects you to mechanics through a certified hotline.  And apparently, “you get all this and much more with Hum,” although they don’t say what “much more” refers to.

Just enjoy the video and don’t think too hard about it.