Motorweek's drivers' choice awards 2018

The guys at Motorweek have finalized their list of best cars for 2018

It's all about the best money can buy in each segment of the market in the latest edition of Motorweek's prized competition.

From compact to luxury, anyone can find something in their price range that will offer the best bang for the buck. Take the new Civic, with its $18,840 starting price for the Sedan. The Civic is, at first glance, nothing to write home about, but the tests made by Motorweek reveal just how good it actually is.

Another Honda, the Accord, takes the cake when it comes to Family Sedans. This acclaimed model is one of the best sold in the United States, although it is, sadly, not offered anymore in Europe. Starting price for the Accord is $23,570, which sound, to be frank, very reasonable. 

On Motorweek's list, there aren't only affordable, everyday cars. Take the Lexus LC500, which starts at $92,000, which wins the title for Best Sport Coupe. 

For the complete list of cars made by Motorweek, watch the video below.

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