Multiple crashes on U.S. 31 show people still don’t know how to drive on snow

US 31 Crashes

It’s the same story every year

U.S. 31 southbound was closed for several hours from Fruitvale Road to Russell Road because of several crashes, and we wonder: when will this stop?

Every year, the same story: people don't use winter tires, don't adjust their speed to road conditions and don't pay attention to what happens in front of them. And then, especially on ice-covered snow, multiple crashes occur.

Here's how the aftermath of what happened on the above-metioned road looked like when a tow truck came to the rescue. Fortunately, nobody was severly hurt.

So, please do mount some bloody winter tires on your car and drive carefully when it snows. Don't just assume that, if you have a 4×4 SUV, everything will be fine. It will not.

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