New BMW 5 Series (G30) Discretely Shows Its Silhouette in Teaser Video

Nice LED taillights, though

BMW Deutschland published a teaser video on Youtube that's meant to welcome the new 5 Series (G30) to their range.

Although the clip is less BMW 5 Series and more computer graphics and other objects, we'll use this opportunity to make a summary of what we know so far on BMW's E-Class/Audi A6 fighter.

In the tech department, the only certainties are the redesigned LED taillights, a 3D mapping system and the existence of a remotely-controlled parking system, as seen on the larger 7 Series.

Speaking of which, BMW's flagship model rests on a new platform called CLAR (aka Cluster Architecture), which will also be found underneath the new BMW 5 Series.

Besides the regular batch of engines, BMW has been working and testing a 550i derivative for their sedan, which will reportedly pack a retuned V8 coming from the ongoing BMW 5 Series (F10).

Higher up the range hierarchy, BMW will install the M5 which has been rumored to pack around 600 hp, along with optional all-wheel drive, laser headlights and, hopefully, a lung-puncturing soundtrack bursting from the exhaust pipes.