New from Japan: slippery PVC tires for FWD sliding fun

The days of nicking hubcaps to “drift” your Clio in a shopping center parking lot are numbered

Japan has churned out yet another brilliant automotive invention: putting PVC pipes around the rear tires of front-wheel drive cars to turn them into slide-hungry slip machines.

By doing this you can get any old tiny hatchback, put the slippery stuff around the rear wheels and for very little money you can have tons of fun - and also learn a thing or two about car control.

As you can see in this video by noriyaro, all drivers that employ this idea are super cheap Kei hatchbacks with really skinny rear tires. They definitely make for the perfect entry point into getting to know how cars handle with a really loose rear end.

It’s also much quieter than conventional drifting, as the cars that do it are not loud themselves and there is no tire screeching, either, as the PVC doesn’t really make a noise as it rubs against the tarmac.

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