New Mercedes S-Class headlights can actually spell out messages

Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 9.31.43 AM

Display them on the road for all to see

Mercedes has demonstrated the capabilities of what it calls “Digital Light,” a new kind of more advanced headlights.

Demonstrated in the official video below, they are used to show positive messages of encouragement to passers by and the system will definitely be useful in some traffic situations in the real world. Revealed back in 2016, the system features a two-million pixel resolution and whatever it’s displaying takes mere milliseconds and aside from showing text and symbols, its aim is to also do a good job of lighting up the road ahead without dazzling other motorists.

But the Digital Light can do more than that and Mercedes says it “does not only want to achieve the ideal light distribution for every driving situation” with this system, “but guide and support the driver in a targeted manner in critical situations such as driving through narrow roadworks. Additionally, it will be possible to project light traces onto the road to replace missing road markings.”

The plan is to debut these headlights on the S-Class Maybach, although it will only be available for specific customers from countries where this tech breaks no laws.

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