Next Generation BMW X5 Spied Showing Its Production-Ready Form

Evolution, not revolution seems to be the motto here, also

BMW is working on the fourth generation X5, and a mule has been spotted wearing nothing but the black-and-white camouflage livery.

We still can’t see it, but we can more easily imagine how it’s going to look in production form now.

The next X5 will sit on the current 7 Series platform, known as CLAR (short for Cluster Architecture). CLAR is using a mix of steel, aluminum, and carbon fiber to keep the core strengthened and as light as possible.

That means the fourth generation X5 will tip the scales at less than 4,475 pounds (or 2,030 kg) – this being the weight for the lightest current X5.

Thanks to its weight drop, the four-, six-, and eight-cylinder engines will have even less mass to push around – that translating in a more agile, more frugal character.

For the performance-oriented X5 M, its turbocharged V8 will pack around 600 hp, as Autocar figures, so it’s going to be even faster than the actual one. And this is already hard to imagine.

The new X5 will now fill the gap between the X3/X4 and the 2018 X7, BMW’s future SUV flagship.

Image credit: Automedia