Nissan Smokin’ Titan is all about the perfect BBQs

Nissan Smokin Titan 09 @ 2018 Work Truck

Overdoing it: the vehicular exemplification

Barbeque accessories for pickup trucks have their own league but you'll hardly find a more complex setup this Nissan Titan offers.

Created specifically for making the bbq-lovers' wettest dream come true, the Smokin' Titan provides all the necessary bits for a perfect barbeque day, even a kitchen sink. With the Smokin' Titan, Nissan is debuting "the world's first fully integrated in-truck-bed smoker and a mobile kitchen."

Nissan Smokin Titan 02 @ 2018 Work Truck

The starting point was the 2018 Titan XD Gas King Cab to which a custom CM Truck Beds aluminum flatbed was added. The specially designed flatbed is home for "three food prep stations, each featuring a Partner Steel aluminum double burner prep stove, alongside a Churrasco Brazilian Wood cutting board."

Then there's the kitchen sink connected to a water storage system — which can be upgraded with a Yeti Cooler. Speaking of cooling tech, the truck's second row of seats makes room for an ARB 50qt Fridge Freezer.

Nissan Smokin Titan 07 @ 2018 Work Truck

However, the part you're most probably interested in is the custom trailer enhanced with a B&S Custom bed with a sliding tray, featuring two Titan boxes for storing "the smoker pellets," speaking of the "custom Lang BBQ Smoker and Char Grill."

Nissan Smokin Titan 06 @ 2018 Work Truck

It is, of course, a project vehicle — the kind of thing that looks really cool to have, until you realize it cannot do anything else than what it says it does. So you'd basically buy a most expensive, least ergonomic barbeque set — which also happens to be one of the coolest you might have seen.

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