Onrush promises all-action arcade racing like no other

No, really, that’s what the developers are saying about it

Codemasters has revealed a new action-oriented off-road racing game which is described as “all-action, gravity-defying racing.” The vehicles at your disposal will have either two or four wheels and the manner of things you can do in them far exceeds the realm of normal physical possibility.

Its debut trailer was shown at the Paris Games Week 2017 where it left audiences with a distinct Motorstorm vibe. That’s because most of the team behind this new title worked on the original Motorstorm title back in the day as part of the now-defunct Evolution Stuidos.

The game’s focus will be purely on action and fun, with an emphasis on looking cool and stylish while doing it.

Its debut has been confirmed for summer 2018 when it will reach the PS4 and Xbox One.

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