Pay for Shell fuel straight from your dashboard and thank Chevy for it


Left your wallet at home? No problem

Chevrolet and Shell are introducing a fuel payment system that's embedded in the car's dashboard. What cars? Well, eligible Chevrolet vehicles, of course.

Forget about checking your pockets for cash or swiping cards and entering PINs. You can pay for fuel by just sitting in your car and playing with your car's infotainment screen.


Here's what users have to do: press the Shell icon in the Marketplace menu on your car's touchscreen and select one of the available stations. The system will then generate a code that activates one of the station's fuel pumps and presto: you can refuel your car.

The charge is generated automatically according to the payment method selected, with Chevy's press blurb saying that the Fuel Rewards savings scheme is active.


With the introduction of Marketplace, Chevrolet enabled drivers to order food or make dinner reservations but also find parking and hotels, but the Shell Pay & Save feature is a premiere.

For the time being, the system is being closely tested in several markets, but Chevrolet says a national rollout is planned in the months to follow.

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