Pennzoil engages Its Unholiness Dodge Demon in eye candy ad

You just can't have enough of it

Remember Pennzoil’s Dodge Viper farewell clip? I personally thought it was the most exciting clip I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Well, I want to scratch that, because Pennzoil just released its latest commercial, and I realized this is the most exciting clip I’ve ever seen in my entire life. 

As the previous video hinted, the next star on Pennzoil features short list is Dodge’s Demon, a car with so much muscle it comes with its own set of restrictions. Now watch:

Pennzoil makes advertising an art (well, not a Mad Men type of art, but still) by diminishing its product exposure and choosing to show it at work. 

The challenge now is to guess what’s next? As usual, the video’s last sequence hints at the next project. The keyword is “Ring”. Any ideas?

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