Pininfarina to Build 10 Hydrogen-Powered Supercars based on the H2 Speed Concept

Concept to (limited) production in the blink of an eye

They're probably sold out already, just like it's the case with Italian exotics these days, but the information is out there and we're waiting for things to happen.

The Mahindra-owned design house will limit the production to just 10 units, according to Pininfarina CEO Silvio Pietro Angori, cited by Automotive News, who also added that a fully-functional prototype should arrive next year.

Moreover, the track-only H2 Speed racers – we're not sure the name will be kept as such – will sit on a Le Mans Prototype 2 racing architecture and are said to deliver a minimum of 500 hp pointed at the rear axle. The whole package will allegedly wear a $2.5 million price tag, but we guess that won't raise any eyebrows.

The power output is on par with the specs offered by Pininfarina earlier this year at the Geneva Motor Show when the H2 Speed concept was introduced featuring two race electric motors with a combined output for around 500 hp, a lightweight hydrogen fuel cell, and regenerative braking.

What caught our eye was the three-minute refueling time and Pininfarina's claim that on the subject of range, the H2 Speed concept is comparable to an ICE (internal combustion engine) vehicle.

Making that happen poses a real challenge, together with the concept's declared top speed of 300 km/h (186 mph) and 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) sprint time of 3.4 seconds.

Let's just hope the finite product – scheduled to make an appearance in 2018 – will be worth the wait.