Plan Your Own Car Factory in “Production Line”

It’s a game for patient, meticulous types who are interested in the autmotive assembly process

If you’ve ever wondered how hard it is to create and organize an automotive production line, you can now get a simulated taste of that via a new gaming title. Called Production Line, it aims to put the player in the shoes of a factory manager who is tasked with plopping down the various substations, the conveyor belts and the parts supply delivery system.

That may sound simple, but there is a lot of intricacy there and even if it’s far from finished, this game rewards forward thinking.

It borrows some concepts from Factorio, but with the automotive production twist, it carves out its own unique niche. It’s the kind of game that will be enjoyed by patient types who already like this kind of game and its emphasis on micromanaging everything to perfection.

Keep in mind this title is not developed by a large game studio, but a single person instead; it’s a passion project started by Cliff Harris who also created Positech. He posts regular updates on his youtube channel, and the game has been met with very positive reactions despite the fact it’s missing some features at this point.

The only way to get the game is to visit his site and preorder it there; it will, in the future, be added to the Steam library as well.