Porsche Macan GTS takes on Jaguar F-Pace S in snow driving head to head challenge

This is an important test of grip and off-tarmac performance

The Jaguar F-Pace S is one of the prettiest SUVs you can buy right now, and its sexy body is perfectly highlighted by a supercharged V6 rumble that is hard to match. The Porsche Macan GTS on the other hand is much less flamboyant, but supposedly more effective - this MotorTrend head to head that put the two up against one another on snow tried to see if there is any substance to that claim.

Right from the get-go, the Porsche proves it has more traction off the line in loose snow, as it powers ahead of the Jaguar. But we won’t spoil what is quite an entertaining video by telling you its conclusion.

When we drove the Jaguar F-Pace, albeit the two-liter diesel, we found it to be highly sporty feeling on the road. Its super wide stance and stiff suspension rendered it surprisingly corner happy - it has the least roll of any high-riding vehicle we’ve tried thus far, but it does not sacrifice comfort.

We haven’t tried the supercharged V6 version, but we suspect its extra go will compliment the chassis nicely, as the diesel we had on test felt like it wasn’t even challenging the chassis at all.

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