Porsche Project Gold: watch how Porsche Classic built the last air-cooled 911 Turbo

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It’s a blast from the past, a 993 made with genuine parts and by Porsche’s engineers in 2018

When Porsche Classic engineers found an original 993 bodyshell, they also came up with the idea to make a one-off Porsche Gold. The best gift to celebrate 70 years of Porsche sports cars!

Porsche finally revealed its spectacular Porsche Gold project, and we're in awe. Starting from a genuine Porsche 993 bodyshell, Porsche Classic's experts were able to browse through their selection of over 6,500 genuine parts for the 993 and build a new one from scratch, with 100% original parts. They also chose to paint it in Golden Yellow Metallic, to reference the 2018 911 Turbo S Exclusive Series, the most powerful Turbo S ever.

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It wasn't an easy task, though, as construction took around one and a half years. Porsche carefully documented each step, as you can see in the following videos. Developing 450 horsepower, the classic sports car will celebrate its world premiere at the Porsche Rennsport Reunion in Laguna Seca (USA) on September 27, 2018.

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The collector’s item is limited to use on private tracks and will be auctioned off by RM Sotheby’s at the Porsche Experience Center in Atlanta on October 27, 2018. The proceeds will be donated to the Ferry Porsche Foundation, a non-profit organization established this year to mark the “70 years of Porsche sports cars” celebrations.

Porsche Project Gold – how it was made

It all started with the original bodyshell. The one-off car was designed with the 993 in mind, the search for all the hundreds of bits and bolts started, and then everything was put together. The 993 was the first 911 to feature a redesigned aluminum chassis, giving it exceptional agility at the time. Every part used is 100% genuine Porsche Classic.

The bodyshell was first put through the corrosion protection and painting process applied to today’s series-production vehicles. It's an item that should withstand the next 70 years in a revered car collection somewhere, so it needed this.

The black wheels are highlighted by Golden Yellow design accents, and Porsche Classic took care to make them as a unique piece of art, too, using last-gen technology for a classic outlook. Back in the day, hollow-spoke aluminum wheels, a first for any car with aluminum wheels, were another innovation of the all-wheel-drive 911 Turbo version.

The seats and interior trim are finished in black with Golden Yellow details, taking a cue from the 2018 Turbo S Exclusive Series. The bodyshell also features the characteristic side air intakes of the 993 Turbo S that were also available as an option for the regular 911 Turbo in 1998.

The collector’s item was then assembled and tuned by Porsche Classic specialists at the Porsche restoration workshop in Stuttgart. A brand new 3.6-liter twin-turbo flat-six engine developing 450 hp was installed, delivering the performance the vehicle originally had when it was in production. The 911 Turbo version of the 993 was the first to have a twin-turbo engine, making it the lowest-emission standard automotive powertrain in the world in 1995.

The manual transmission and all-wheel drive were also sourced from the Porsche Classic range of genuine parts. The hand-stamped chassis number follows the last series-production model of the 993 Turbo which rolled off the production line in 1998.


The exterior and interior elements were coordinated with the workshop’s dedicated Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur experts who were responsible for creating the 2018 911 Turbo S Exclusive series, which was limited to 500 units worldwide. To complement these elements, the designers at Style Porsche worked on the color gradients and positioning of badges as well as other interior details.

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Only 345 units of the 993 911 Turbo S with its 450-hp performance-enhanced engine were built. This should carry the number 346.

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