Pristine 1977 Ford Bronco gets Jay Leno’s approval

“It’s fun to drive a totally stock car” - Jay Leno

A bone-stock 1977 Ford Bronco gets its 15 minutes (they’re 32, in fact) of fame inside Jay Leno’s garage.

The Ford Bronco topic has been cooling a lot lately as no new rumors about the revived moniker are crawling on the Internet. Which is a perfectly acceptable reason to look back at the Broncos of old.

So, with a little help from Jay Leno’s Garage we can have a glimpse at Dave Kunz’s stock original Bronco. Wait, what? A factory-spec Bronco? That’s right, but there’s a trick: it’s kitted with all the desirable options you’d want on a Bronco.

Kunz is a journalist working for ABC7 Eyewitness News but even more important, he’s a car guy. Also, if you’re looking to learn a thing or two about Ford Broncos in general, he’s the go-to man, which makes the video below a very enjoyable documentary of sorts.

That being said, all you need to do know is head below, sit back and enjoy.


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