Renault’s Enhanced Battery Pack for ZOE EV Extends Claimed Range to 400 Km

That comes courtesy of storing 41 kWh versus 22 kWh

While it may not be officially confirmed yet, Renault’s Zoe is about to receive a larger battery pack that’s nearly twice the size of the one it was launched with. The original battery could store up to 22 kWh of current, whereas this new one is able to hold 41 kWh.

According to InsideEVs, this will bestow Zoe with a claimed range of 400 km which will probably be closer to 300 km in the real world.

For reference, the 22 kWh pack is officially quoted for 240 km and owners of the car say they regularly get 160 km in temperate regions. This smaller battery will still be on offer once the new one is made available, with the latter fetching a €2,500 premium.

However, aside from the extra range, 41 kWh cars will also have more power extracted from the electric motor: 88 hp instead of the previous 77 hp.

Renault will detail the updated Zoe at the Paris motor show.