Renault says new Clio RS 18 has “motorsport breeding”


It’s a blacked out limited edition model destined for collectors

Renault has just revealed the meanest looking Clio you can currently buy: the Clio RS 18 limited series model. Its main attribute is its blacked out look that also includes badges and rear diffuser which are unique to it.


It also features RS 18 badges on the front doors and a numbered plaque on the door sills. Inside Renault has given it an Alcantara-trimmed steering wheel and carbon-effect plastic trim.


As for actual performance enhancements, “its Trophy chassis has been lowered and stiffened, its front dampers incorporate hydraulic compression stops and its steering is even sharper and more direct.” Finally, an Akrapovic exhaust system promises to be as noisy as you’d expect something track-ready to be. You don’t really have to swap it out for an aftermarket solution as it’s already quite loud.


The Clio RS 18 launches later this year and will be available in all markets RenaultSport is present in except for Japan.


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