Rev Battle Settles Lamborghini Huracan Owners' Dilemma

First world problem of the day right here

Some Lamborghini Huracan owners need advice as to whether they should stick with the standard exhaust system or get the Race exhaust offered by Lamborghini as a retrofit accessory.

It’s a legitimate question that can only be answered by a good old rev battle. Some folks in Florida did just that, pitting a Lamborghini Huracan fitted with the standard Sport exhaust against another model featuring the Race exhaust. Both cars were put in Sport mode, which allows the loudest exhaust sound.

While the standard exhaust supplied by Lamborghini sounds mean enough, the Race version will have you thinking a wild animal has escaped from its cage. The V10 engine sounds rawer and more aggressive through the Race exhaust, which is developed specifically for the racetrack.

Besides the louder sound, this aftermarket part is 10 percent lighter than the stock one and adds up to 5 percent more power. In our book, that makes it a no-brainer. If you can afford the $10,000 price, that is. Turn up the volume and let us know what you think.

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