Richard Hammond meets Apollo IE, stalls it

Worse things could have happened

The Grand Tour’s Richard Hammond and James May were introduced to the most alien-looking hypercar money can buy, the Apollo IE. And they also got to meet the Supercar Blondie, whom James May understandably likes to call just Supercar. 

Supercar Blondie is one cute blonde from Great Britain who likes cars (and loves supercars), and is described as ‘one of the most followed automotive influencers.’ So no wonder she gets to be the middleman mediator in this matter. 

Just before Hammond gets the opportunity to stall the $2.7 million hypercar, the boys are put through a quiz about the Apollo IE (Intensa Emozione), from which we find that you can have your body scanned, in order to get a seat designed to perfectly suit your body. Also, the car’s titanium exhaust tips cost €60,000.

Now, I don’t know if that’s expensive enough for the 1 percenters but I’ve just added the Miami Blue coating, and the 20-inch 911 Turbo rims to a Porsche 718 Cayman’s standard equipment list, and I got a €59,322 price tag. Just a thought.

The Apollo IE runs a 6.3-liter naturally-aspirated V12 engine pushing 780 hp (581 kW) and 760 Nm (560 lb-ft) to the rear wheels through a six-speed sequential ‘box. These figures are impressive on their own, but mix them with a 1,250-kilogram (2,755 pounds in metric) body weight and you get yourself a 2.7-second (from 0 to 62 mph, or 100 km/h) hypercar. Top speed? 208 mph. 

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