Rimac Automobili Concept One Blows a Ten Count on Tesla Model S and Ferrari LaFerrari

They didn't know what hit them

So, what happens when the roaster becomes the roasted? Well, we have a Tesla Model S P90D and a Ferrari LaFerrari ready to answer that question.

Rimac Automobili plays the host role in this video where the same carmaker that uses a military facility as its playground takes the insanely fast Concept One and teaches Ferrari and Tesla a lesson.

Now, there's no room for underestimating here, purely because the LaFerrari and the Model S P90D are no rookies when it comes to the drag strip. I mean, Tesla's sedan can give hell to all sorts of supercars and muscle cars, while Ferrari's Italian extravaganza simply requires no further introduction.

However, it all fades away when Rimac's Concept One enters the arena. Sure, the electric hypercar has some technological spearheads on its side - like four motors with more than 1,000 hp on tap, seven cooling systems and an independent transmission for each one of the motors mentioned earlier - making it invincible in front of the other two impromptu competitors.

Now, can someone bring on the Koenigsegg Regera, please?

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