Rinspeed Oasis is Yet Another Self-Driving EV Set to Unchoke the Big City

Will debut next year in Los Angeles at CES 2017

Described as a "rolling oasis of ideas in the automotive desert," the Swiss-designed EV wants to take multi-ton SUVs and city congestion by the collar.

Mechanical details are scarce at the moment, but Rinspeed tells us the Oasis is similar to Star Wars' R2D2 in the sense that it can turn on its own axis with an almost-zero radius.

Since this gizmo will also feature autonomous technology, a lot of focus has been redirected towards the interior. As a result, Rinspeed came up with a mobile living room fitted with an armchair, TV and a windshield that "serves as a screen for virtual as well as augmented reality."

There's even a small green space adapt for growing flowers or radishes, which should reinvent the concept of housewife.

Here's Rinspeed view on how the Oasis could find a purpose around the city:

"Oasis can be commuting or shopping car in the morning, act as a micro delivery vehicle for urban parcel services in the afternoon, and be a pizza taxi on the evening drive home. This is made possible by a clever code-protected 'drawer' in the rear, which can also be cooled or heated as needed."