Rolls Royce is current pop culture’s most frequently mentioned brand name

And we’re not just talking automotive brands here - the study behind wasn’t auto-centric

Rolls Royce is apparently the most commonly used brand name in pop songs of the last three years, according to a study conducted by Bloomberg. It looked at all tracks that made it into the top 20 spots of Billboard’s Hot 100 and the brands they promoted and discovered that 8 out of the total 12 products or company names mentioned.

Following Rolls’ top spot, Ferrari is second, followed by Hennessy (the manufacturer of cognac, not the American tuner), and then it’s all car makers until close to the bottom of the table where we find Jordans (shoes), Rolex and Xanax.

Mercedes was only found to be mentioned 5 times in songs in the given time frame, which is far less than Rolls’ 11 mentions and Ferrari’s 9 mentions. The source says it didn’t count if the same brand was repeatedly mentioned in a particular song.


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