See how the American police car evolved over the decades


Curious how the black & white paint job became a standard on police cars?

Technological progress has shaped pretty much every aspect regardless of what society reaped its rewards. It goes the same with cars, including police cars.

Sure, if we are to look at some of today’s police car fleets, Dubai inevitably springs to mind but the Italians are not too far behind either, with Lamborghinis and Ferraris spearheading their law enforcement efforts.

But what about the US of A? Well, everyone remembers the Ford Crown Victoria Interceptor, but the history of the American police car goes way beyond that. In fact, the first police car used on US soil dates back to 1899. It was deployed in Akron, Ohio, to pick up a drunk man. The car’s cost was $2,400 (roughly $65,000 in today’s money), with The Collins Buddy Company handling the assembly.

But it’s been a long way from that car to today’s police cruisers, which is something you’ll be able to walk through courtesy of Donut Media’s video below.

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