See how the Ferrari 812 Superfast works for your entertainment

No, we're not talking flashy displays and audio streaming but vehicle dynamics

Carrying a price tag of in excess over $300,000 Ferrari's 812 Superfast is no bargain. But once you acknowledge the technology behind Ferrari's fastest, most powerful model to date, the unattainable sticker starts to explain itself.

In order to help your endeavor, Ferrari released three videos that offer a deeper vantage point on what the 812 Superfast is built upon. Each clip addresses a different topic - vehicle dynamics, aerodynamics and powertrain.

Although specs and related figures are already public and within your reach on the internet, a graphical representation is undoubtedly the best way to understand the concepts.

So whether it's the Superfast's rear-wheel steering, aero body parts or the 800 hp V12 engine, you've got it all explained in the videos below.

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