See Something You Like? How About a Tesla Model S Cabriolet Rendering

The idea is highly enticing, we think

Tesla started out in the car selling business by offering a small, fast and quite expensive roadster, so there’s absolutely no reason why they couldn’t offer another drop-top. The company is planning on releasing a follow-up to the original roadster, but at least looks-wise, the Model S would serve as a good basis for a larger, more luxurious offering.

Rendererer Rain Prisk has gone ahead and created a digital interpretation of what that could look like. He did go a bit overboard with the noticeable widebody kit, but the idea of a two-door drop-top Model S is definitely one that could catch on.

I mean the best way to appreciate an electric car’s silent running nature is to drive it slowly and in a relaxed fashion, and having no roof certainly adds to that appeal. If only the renderer had made a more civilized looking model than this, as nobody would buy a convertible Model S to hoon – they’d buy it to silently cruise and it’d be awesome.