Silver Tesla Model S P90D Sitting on Forged Wheels Pretends to Be a Ferrari

On the inside, that is

Customizing options for Tesla's Model S and even Model X are on their way to mainstream, and they can influence both the exterior and the interior layout.

With the Model S P90D retailed by T Sportline, things are pretty straightforward: the silver body hides a cockpit drowned in what they call Ferrari Rosso leather.

The windows, however, got the 3M Crystalline tint treatment, while the 21-inch gloss black forged wheels are said to be 20 percent lighter than Tesla's turbine-style ones.

Coming back to the interior, the front seats feature carbon-fiber backs, and the same material is used to decorate the steering wheel.

With these custom ways being a matter of taste and all, we'll let you have the final say on T Sportline's work shown in the video below.